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  Hangzhou CMG technology co., LTD is a German bick, set up the first air compressor in China technical service center. The company is committed to professional air compressor maintenance, new energy development, the high-speed transmission mechanical energy research and industrialization of high-tech companies. Current for nearly 700 large and medium-sized domestic enterprises and the air compressor maintenance services, is China's air compressor industry the only six system solutions and comprehensive services for the integration of diversified and professional technical services.
  CMG company has a first-class international air compressed fluid equipment, senior professional and technical team, accumulated the rich more than the brand of centrifugal compressor installation, debugging, fault diagnosis and maintenance experience. As China and the asia-pacific region the highest technical level of professional service team, for the atlas, ingersoll-rand, sullair, cooper, fu sheng, samsung and so on six big brand air compressor equipment to provide all aspects of the service, maintenance and fault diagnosis for large gas companies more brands more than domestic large-scale project total package units to provide comprehensive services.
  Company maintenance equipment, strong technical force, management norms, set up seven big professional technical team, with various types of air compressed fluid equipment form a complete set of imported spare parts sales, engineering, maintenance, technical transformation ability, etc. CMG company original air compressor maintenance step 16 therapy, to ensure the maintenance process to achieve the original level. Across the country with 48 service site, which can comprehensively and timely, system to provide users with professional services, to meet customer demand for air compressor maintenance of high quality.
  In January 2015, the institute of mechanical engineering, zhejiang university, zhejiang institute of engineering technology and zhejiang industrial and commercial college, respectively in hangzhou with CMG company advocates xian kechuang garden jointly set up a research center in the field of high-speed mechanical transmission and development. And the alignment of the 211, 985 colleges and universities, for sustainable and long-term development of CMG company laid the foundation powerful technology.