I absolutely love The Movies, and even though I know the game is a few years old already, I find it still incredibly fun to play. mybloggingplanet.com

One good aspect of The Movies is that it is very easy to change almost any feature in the game by modifying the data files found in the Data\Pak folder. By putting one of the modded configuration files in the Data folder makes The Movies use that instead of the file found inside the pak file.

There are also a host of custom made movie sets available for download all over the internet. some work better than others, but they do provide a nice variety to the built-in sets.

One word of warning before you begin. These mods have the potential for completely ruining the gaming experience for you.

So, here is my list of great The Movies mods and utilities. Just click on the links to download them.

Pak Poker
This is THE most useful utility of all. It gives full access to all the files stored in the pak files, which in turns allows you to modify any of them to tailor-make your game.

The Employees mod
The employees mod gives you a heck of a lot more people lining up in the lines for each building. I found this useful since, especially when my stars started demanding an entourage, there just weren’t enough people.

Increased lot size
This little mod gives you a bigger lot size, which greatly helps in placing buildings in the game, since the default lot size is way too small for my liking.

If you would like to play with the values, I have found that in the first 3 values after [size] give the width and height as pairs of numbers. The second number of each pair can be pretty large, but my game crashed when trying to increase the first number, so be warned.

Experience mod
This mod gives all your employees a lot of experience.

Mood mod
Do you want all your stars to be in a good mood? This mod helps keep their mood good.

Social mod
This lets your stars increase their relationships much faster. I found this useful as I found in the unmodded game, this usually takes very long to improve.

Ground mod
This mod increases the attractiveness, and the speed at which people walk over various types of ground.