I hate spam with a passion. As a blogger, people will spam my comments, which is why I am very glad I got my spam blocker in place to keep things sane.

I found a most interesting comment the other day, sitting in my spam list. A spammer had posted a comment a few days earlier, and now the same spammer had reposted the comment, and also asked why the spam comment was removed.

Well, Mr. Spammer, the reason the comment was removed is because I do not want spammy comments on my site.

I just do not understand why bloggers (and other website promoters) are willing to post spam comments on blog posts just to push up links to their site and drive a little traffic.

I am not against bloggers putting links to their site on comments when it is applicable, and the person shows that they actually responding appropiately to the article, but it is definitely not right to just comment everywhere saying things like “Love what you have done with your site!”.

I actually found a site that promotes this. On shorttask.com, the vast majority of tasks to do (for a small payment) are to post comments linking to some site, so the spammers are outsourcing their spamming as well.

Who knows, maybe those spammers asking why I removed their comments are the ones who get paid per link, and I am making them lose some earnings. Well, that is their problem, not mine…