With interactive web applications becoming more and more complex, the demand for simpler ways of doing things becomes very attractive.

Let’s take a look at client-server interaction. AJAX has been able to do this for years, and there are many good libraries out there, such as jQuery, which make it very easy to use.

I stumbled on NowJS, which simplifies things dramatically. This library makes it very easy to accomplish realtime client-server communication.

The example they have on their side is for building a chat server, in a ridiculously few lines of code.

The library allows you to set up a server component, which can then interact with the client component, by simply making a function call. The server can call a client function, and the client can call a server function, so updating can happen in any direction.

The nicest thing I can see about the library, is that it is really lightweight, and promises to play nicely with all your other JavaScript libraries.