Anyone who kows me will tell you that I am mad about simulation games, especially business sims.

Last week, I got Hotel Giant, and was really looking forward to giving it a try, even though it is a bit of a dated game. That is when I hit a bit of a snag.

After installing the game, and trying to run it, the game kept on crashing, and thus it was time to go and sniff around the forums.

It turns out that Hotel Giant is not at all compatible with Windows XP SP2 and upwards, and having Vista, this meant that I was affected. Worse still, there was no patches or hacks to get this to work.

Now, the fact that an oldish game has issues running on a more modern machine is not unsurprising. What is surprising is that the game is still being sold in the shops, without a single warning or disclaimer stating that the game won’t run on newer machines.

This is what really annoys me. JoWood, the game’s publisher, has made no effort to fix the situation, so unwitting consumers such as myself end up out-of-pocket a few euro for what amounts to an expensive coaster.