With all the kinks worked out of my blog after the move, I am finally happy with how things are working. I had spent the last several months with a free hosting service, and it was not a particularly good experience.

First issue I had was that the site was not particularly reliable in terms of uptime – but that is what happens when you share a server with 30,000 other accounts, on a server with sub-optimal specs.

The other issue is how limited you are in administering your site. Many things that you can do on a normal hosting was disabled, or limited on my hosting. This is one of the reasons my site crashed so badly a few weeks ago, and quickly prompting me to find another solution.

The limitation in question was the fact that WordPress was using a different user on the server to my account I had to access the server, and the permissions on my account was too limited to be able to access the WordPress created files.

This meant that when something went wrong, I was unable to remove, or even modify, the offending files and bring my site back to life again.

In all of this, I cannot really blame the web host. They provided everything they advertised. They clearly stated as well that the free hostings have limitations and offer no guarantees to uptime or reliability.

In conclusion, free web hosting is perfect if reliability is not a requirement, but for anything remotely important, it is much, much better to get a real hosting plan.