I have been a little quiet lately, and when I have blogged it has been rather short posts. That is largely due to the fact that I have had a big deadline looming, which is now over.

KnowledgeTree released the commercial edition of KnowledgeTree 3.7, which makes some significant changes over the previous version.

For one thing, it is considerably faster, which is one of the biggest complaints customers had previously.

Now, before I lose any of you, KnowledgeTree is a document management server, which allows you to maintain a repository of documents in a central location. Think along the lines of Al Fresco or Sharepoint if you are still lost.

By far (for me anyway), the most exciting thing to ship with this is the new client tools. I have a vested interest here, as I am on the team which works on the client tools.

The new kid on the block for the client toools is KnowledgeTree Explorer CP, which is an explorer application which allows you to browse and manipulate files on a KnowledgeTree server off your desktop.

KnowledgeTree Explorer CP was written using Adobe Air, and works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The bulk of the code is Javascript based, and some of the things we were making Adobe air do simply has not been done before.

Many hours of my life has been spent on Explorer CP, and it is a great feeling to finally see it released to the world.

Go download an evaluation copy of KnowledgeTree 3.7 Commercial Edition, or, if you would like the free edition, go look at KnowledgeTree 3.7 Community Edition

Here is to the best release of KnowledgeTree yet….’,’